Our vision is to be the home of life champions for families, employees, and the community. KTKD families are empowered through learning Taekwondo principles and values. All this will cultivate self-motivation, self-improvement, and good citizenship, which will help communities build the kind of world in which we want our children to live.

Newtopia Enterprise Inc. dba. Korea Taekwondo (KTKD) is an educational vendor to New York City schools and NYC’s #1 Family Martial Arts Center, providing Taekwondo educational programs for P.E., residency, enrichment, afterschool, family fit night, career day, lunar new year celebration, and school fundraising. All our engaging Taekwondo programs aim to develop self-discipline and life skills to help KTKD families be life champions.

Over the years, our organization has been very active in the local community. We are the first and only Taekwondo educational vendor in NYC schools. Since 2008, we have helped more than 40,000 public school students.