KTKD Masters

Master Regina Jiyeon Im

Founder and Executive Director

  • Fifth Degree Black Belt Taekwondo
  • Developer of physical education and enrichment programs in Taekwondo for American schools
  • Taught more than 40,000 NYC elementary, middle, and high school students, parents, and teachers
  • Author of various Taekwondo textbooks, coloring books, and fiction

Master Seungrok Kim

Co-Owner & Director

  • Sixth Degree Black Belt Taekwondo
  • Over 40 years of Taekwondo Experience
  • Former National Level Sparring Competitor in Korea
  • Coach, Referee, and Judge for Taekwondo associations in New York, New Jersey, and Korea
  • Second degree from the Korea Hapkido Federation
  • Second degree from the Korean Judo Association
  • First degree from the Korea Kumdo Association
  • Served as Captain in the South Korean Army

Master Sunhong Baek

Headmaster at KTKD Flushing

Master Daeun Lim

  • Fourth Degree Black Belt Taekwondo
  • NYC Elementary Taekwondo Teacher
  • Demonstration Team Coach at NYC Taekwondo Tournament
  • Medalist of Countless National Poomsae Tournament Championship
  • Over 15 years of Taekwondo Experience

KTKD Instructors

Instructor Andy

Instructor Cynthia

Instructor Jennifer

Instructor Leo

Instructor Nicole

Instructor Linnette

Instructor Linnette

Instructor Maria

Instructor Phoebe

Instructor Phoebe

Instructor Alfonso