We offer classes acquainting students with another culture in the spirit of deepening understanding, empathy, and learning to live with other people. This gives students a chance to appreciate more ways of being human. Korean culture is taught so that students encounter a way of life other than their native one, since all cultures are the custodians of virtues and values than can enrich the human community. It is good to learn another culture just for its own sake, but all the more so because our educational process emphasizes how cultural learning can be a means for broadening sympathy and intellectual power.


Our Taekwondo classes have been successfully operating in the New York City school system since 2009. We build on the foundation of our extensive experience in adapting this traditional Korean art to students in contemporary America. The cultural and performing arts classes we offer, like our martial arts classes, are treated as a means to awaken new goals, uncover hidden gifts, refine raw talent, and remove impediments to achievement. Our instructional techniques are adjusted so that those requiring help with basic language, analytic or behavioral skills receive attention in these areas, while those ready and willing to move forward are given assistance realizing their wishes. All students will be encouraged and supported in fashioning fulfilling life-goals.