4_03Julie Nariman
High School of Language and Innovation

bg_markerOur students have grown immeasurably through the Taekwondo program. I am proud to say that some of our students with three consecutive years of taekwondo are some of our highest-achieving students. Students who were afraid to speak up in 9th grade are now assertive and confident. Students who had trouble with self-control are now calm and able to manage themselves with ease.

4_03Aurora Garcia-Tunon, Ph.D.
Assistant Principal
P.S. 242 The Leonard P. Stavisky Early Childhood School

bg_markerOur experience with the program has been very positive … We strongly recommend the program to other schools.

4_03Cheryl Quantaro
Veritas Academy

bg_markerThe Tae Kwon Do program has proven to be a huge success at Veritas! I have first-hand witnessed an increase in student self-esteem, self-discipline and self-confidence. In addition, students have developed in interest in Korean language and culture. I wish to extend a huge thank you to Ms. Regina Im for bringing this program into our school.”

4_03Melinda Spataro
Executive Director of Schoolwide Programs
Veritas Academy

bg_markerVeritas Academy is a rigorous college preparatory high school which seeks to educate the ‘whole’ student. That said, the Tae Kwon Do program has helped to instill in our students a sense of honesty, courtesy, loyalty, and cooperation— values crucial to success in life now and beyond high school. In addition, students have developed a keen interested in the exciting and noble culture of Korea, an interest I am sure they will carry with them forever.

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