Newtopia Enterprise began with the vision of teaching respect, humility, perseverance, self-control, and honesty–the core values of Taekwondo–in the public schools of metropolitan New York. We have been giving students the opportunity to work with Taekwondo masters of great skill, who have inherited the knowledge of many generations. We are the first and only taekwondo education services to the New York City Department of Education (Vendor Code #NEW303046) as well as the first and only New York City Charter School Preferred Vendor of taekwondo education. We also have an MTAC (Multiple Task Award Contract) from New York City Department of Education (DOE/State Contract #QR898DU). Since 2008, we have worked with over 15,000 students through physical education classes in schools, refining the methods for making this traditional Korean martial art alive, fascinating and pertinent to contemporary students, so that it benefits their intellectual, personal, social and physical development.  We have applied the expertise we acquired through years of teaching Taekwondo with the aim of character development to other Korean cultural practices as well. We now provide a range of Korean cultural classes in order to enhance the mental and physical discipline of students.