One of the great strengths of Newtopia Enterprise is having many genuine masters of Taekwondo on our teaching staff. These master teachers care about developing the mind, integrity and character of their students along with their martial arts skills. Taekwondo is based on the principle that the oneness of mind and body means the psychophysical discipline of martial artistry can be a foundation for cultivating the mind and character.

4_03Jae H. Song
Certified Sixth-Degree Black Belt

With over 20 years of experience in Taekwondo, Jae H. Song holds the distinction of being the first Taekwondo master at a New York City public school. Mr. Song’s achievements in Taekwondo include being the Middleweight Champion in his native Korea and receiving, in 2014, ‘Letter of Commendation’ from World Taekwondo Headquarter and ‘Citation’ from World Taekwondo Federation & 2013, and the Outstanding Leadership Award from the United States Tae Kwon Do Society. A former head coach of a high school Taekwondo team, Mr. Song has been teaching Taekwondo in the U.S. since 1995 and has also served as a referee for the Taekwondo Association of Greater New York. He is a member of the New York State Taekwondo Association, the Taekwondo Association of Greater New York and U.S. Taekwondo Education Foundation, and a club member of USA Taekwondo. He had been honorably discharged from South Korean military after his services.

4_03Regina Im
Certified Fourth-Degree Black Belt

Regina Im brings her enthusiasm and dedication to her community involvements as well. She is the Vice President of Queensboro Hill Flushing Civic Association and serves on the board of Korean-American Parents Association of Greater New York. With over ten years of experience in Taekwondo and over five years of experience in gymnastics, Ms. Im drew from this extensive background when she developed physical education and after-school programs in Taekwondo for American schools. She holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and investment from Baruch College. She is a member of the New York State Taekwondo Association, the TaeKwonDo Association of Greater New York and U.S. Taekwondo Education Foundation, and a club member of USA Taekwondo.

Chris HJ Lee
Certified Fourth-Degree Black Belt

Chris Hyojin Lee’s research on the educational effects of Taekwondo training in physical education classes and after-school programs is designed to adapt better this ancient Korean martial art to the contemporary American curriculum. Mr. Lee is a member of the New York State Taekwondo Association, the TaeKwonDo Association of Greater New York and U.S. Taekwondo Education Foundation. He is also a club member of USA Taekwondo. He had been honorably discharged from South Korean military after his services.

4_03Don Capalbi
Communications Director

After learning about Korea Taekwondo in 2012, Mr. Capalbi joined the organization as an advisory board member in 2013. Mr. Don, as he is affectionately known, is a longtime community advocate and liaison for U.S. Congresswoman Grace Meng. He heads the Queensboro Hill Flushing Civic Association and is a Board Member of the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce. In 2015 Mr. Don was awarded an honorary black belt by Grandmaster Jae H. Song.

Ruthie Kuhn
Director of Operations
Certified Fourth-Degree Black Belt

Master Kuhn is a Taekwondo master with over ten years of experience. She originally began taking Taekwondo classes as a way to help her oldest son who was born with special needs. Her unique position as an American female master as well as a mother of four gives her an intimate look at the New York education system and an understanding of the obstacles children face today. Master Kuhn witnessed first-hand the ways that Taekwondo can benefit children & adults physically, mentally, and emotionally and she has adopted the “Taekwondo lifestyle” as an integral part of the way her family lives and thrives.

4_03SR Kim

Certified Fifth-Degree Black Belt

He has received his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Chosun University in South Korea and a Master of Science degree with an emphasis on Sports Management from Brooklyn College. Master Kim has served as a Captain in the South Korean Army for several years and received an honorable discharge upon completion of his duties. Since arriving in the United States to complete his education, Master Kim has enjoyed spending his spare time by volunteering and serving the community. He also teaches Korean language and Taekwondo to second generation Korean Americans.

4_03Alexis Campos

Program Coordinator
Certified Third-Degree Black Belt

Since starting Tae Kwon Do at the age of 11, Instructor Alexis has advocated for a healthier lifestyle for all communities, especially for youth development. In response she has programmed various events to promote physical and cultural awareness with Korea Taekwondo in NYC Public Schools.

4_03Michael Nti

Certified Black Belt

Instructor Nti is one of the first students to receive Korea Taekwondo’s Youth Scholarship. He graduated from The High School for Language Innovation and was part of the Taekwondo program that Korea Taekwondo began there. Currently attending Lehman College in NYC, Michael works with Korea Taekwondo as an assistant Instructor. Michael has experienced firsthand the difference Taekwondo can make in a person’s life and he enjoys getting to share that opportunity with other public school students.

4_03Aron Song

Certified Black Belt

Instructor Song has recently moved to the United States from South Korea. Obtaining his black belt in Korea, Mr. Song is excited to share his style of Taekwondo with students. While attending college in Queens, NY Instructor Aron has been able to experience American culture and educate students about Korean culture. Through his work in the public school system he has seen firsthand how excited American students are to learn Taekwondo and the difference it can make in their academic success.


4_03JS Sohn
Certified Sixth-Degree Black Belt

She has received many awards from the World Taekwondo Federation as the most recognizable coach since she has helped more than ten students become national champions and medalists. Master Sohn has served as the Olympic Sparring Team head coach of Busan Taekwondo High School & Hankook Taekwondo Middle School for 10 years. Master Sohn holds a Prescription Exercise license to train and educate sparring coaches. Additionally Master Sohn holds a license as an early childhood physical education teacher in South Korea. Master Sohn has enjoyed spending her time in the United States teaching children Taekwondo and serves as an international Taekwondo referee whenever she is able. Master Sohn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Chunam University.

4_03Daum Jeong

Certified Fifth-Degree Black Belt

Master Jeong is a certified fifth degree black belt who has received many medals during his adolescence in Korea. Additionally, he holds a first degree black belt from the International Judo Federation. In addition to being a student president at his university, Master Jeong has achieved official certifications in many health related subjects including youth fitness, personal training, orthopedic and therapeutic exercise, as well as instructor and coaching certifications.
Master Jeong has graduated from Changwon Moonsung University with physical education major where he was a student president. Master Jeong has over 10 years of experience in teaching Taekwondo.