An Art of Physical and Mental Cultivation

Studies demonstrate that children practicing a martial art have lower levels of anxiety, an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks, a higher level of social intelligence, and a lesser likelihood to engage in disrespectful, impetuous and violent behavior. This is all the more true when the martial art is Taekwondo, which has been devoted throughout its long history to the faithful and sincere pursuit of perfection of character. The masters of Taekwondo have insisted that martial skill is merely a means for acquiring such traditional virtues as respect, humility, perseverance, self-control, and honesty. At Newtopia, we honor these virtues, letting them mingle with the spontaneous good qualities like curiosity, passion, teamwork, grit and motivation awakened by fellowship with students and Taekwondo masters.

The diverse Taekwondo classes serve the purpose of developing a set of academic and human skills, including:

• Improved mental discipline and emotional balance
• A sense of responsibility for self and others
• Physical fitness and skillful functioning
• Better academic performance
• Formidable self-defense skills
• Appreciation for the way self-defense can be a sport, an art, and a means of self-cultivation